Traffic Boom Barriers

INTERGLIDE BOOM BARRIERS  offers efficient security at exit and entry points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. The boom barrier is aesthetically designed with sleek and modern looks.

They are designed to support   HEAVY Duty operation. We have the system with DC and AC Motors.



1.Boom Barrier Body – 2 MM GI Powder coated with additional UV Resistant coating.
2. Boom Section – Semi Rectangular Aluminum Alloy-6063 with full length reflective strip. Size-90x45MM
3. Anti Crush Beading – provision optional.
4.Safety Features – IR photocell added, to sense obstruction, while closing. The barrier opens back.
5. LED Display – Optional LED, in full length.
6. Protection – Limit Switches / Over time cut off / Over load cut off.
6. Protection Class – IP54 ( protected from water and dust)
7. Operation by – Manual Switch / RF Remote controller / Loop Detector / RFID Systems


Model BBA 501/601/701 BBD 301/401/501 BFA 401 BBD-90-301
Motor 275 W, AC Motor 6W/24V DC Motor 275W, AC Motor 60W, 24V DC Motor
Length of Barrier 5,6,7 Mtrs 3 to 5 Meters 4 Mtrs 3 Mtrs
Open/Close Time 5 to 7 Secs 3 to 5 Secs 5 to 6 Secs 2 to 3 Secs
Manual Release Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duty Cycle 50% 90% 50% Intense