Automatic Sliding Glass Door

 ASD 200

Suitable for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf width of 1.8 m (3 m with electric lock), for bi-folding doors with 1.5 m maximum width of single panel.


1.We adopt brushless DC technology, service life of the brushless DC motor is longer than the brush motor, and it can be with better reliability. 2.Ultra-quiet sound design, low noise, small vibration, we adopt the automatic lubrication technology.

3.It is made with high-strength aluminum alloy material, strong and durable.

4.It can work with the bearing metal alloy wheel driving belt, and with good quality, stability and high applicability.

5.It can work with internal security protection circuit device, even if the automatic door opens and closes frequently, it also can run with long-term no-trouble.

Automatic Sliding Door Opener Kit includes following:
1.       DC Motor- 50W                       7. Stopper – 2 Pc
2.       1pc    Control unit                   8. 1Pc – 7meter Belt
3.       1pc    Power switch                9. 2Pc 24 Ghz Microwave sensor
4.       1pc    Idler pulley                    10. 4 Mtr Aluminum Rail & Cover
5.       4pcs  Hanger                           11.  2 Pcs Side Caps
6.       2pcs  Belt Tooth clip

Following optional accessories available as per customer request:

1. Keypad system                                        2.  Safety Beam Sensor
3. Wireless Touch Switch                        4.   Remote
5.  Electric Lock4. Glass holder             6.  Exit Button
7.  PVC Glass end D Beading
8.  Five position key switch